In addition to being a life coach, I also provide coaching around writing. As a writing coach, I am enthusiastic about helping you achieve a satisfying product. I would be delighted to talk with you about your writing projects and answer any questions you might have. Most of our work together can be done in email and discussed on scheduled phone sessions, as needed.

I collaborate on a wide range of projects such as personal statements, letters of introduction, resumes, manuscripts (scientific or otherwise), book chapters, grant proposals, dissertations, essays and creative writing. Regardless of the format, I see my role as helping you say what you intend to say and providing feedback, accountability (as needed) and inspiration throughout the writing process. I also edit and copy-edit if this is desirable.

My experience with writing is extensive. After college, I worked as an editor and copy-editor. As a scientist, I wrote many grant proposals and published over 75 papers along with book chapters and articles in popular magazines. Although many of my own publications are medically-related, I have been involved in many writing projects that were not.

Please contact me by email or give me a call at (314) 787-8171 to find out how I might be able to help you with your writing.