Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Once we've made the decision to move forward together, I will email you a packet of materials consisting of thought-provoking questions and exercises. These will help me get to know you and they will help you explore your goals, beliefs, habits, strengths and where you may get in your own way. This will help us prepare for coaching together.

After you've returned the completed materials to me, we will have a Discovery Session which will be 1.5 - 2 hours long. We will use this session to get to know each other. We will talk about your background, what you hope to achieve with coaching, where you want to go. We will go over expectations we have for one another, and I'll tell you about the administrative process. And, as always, you can ask any questions that come up. Following this Discovery Session, we will schedule our phone calls for twice each month for 45 minutes each. In between sessions, we can exchange emails to continue the momentum of our work together to clarify anything that comes up in between sessions and to keep you moving forward. I am your coach 24/7, not just when we're in a session. This is something that usually distinguishes coaching from other approaches (like therapy) and also my practice from the policies of many, but not all, other coaches.

How long do people engage in coaching? Quite simply, as long as they find it beneficial. I ask for an initial three month commitment to allow you time to get in the groove of coaching and to begin to reap the rewards. My clients work with me anywhere from three months to several years as they continue to create the life they want.

I would love to explore how coaching may benefit you or someone you care about. Send me an email or give me a call at (314) 787-8171.