How Coaching Works

When you hire a coach, you are not buying a package or an off-the-shelf product. Rather, you are partnering with a skilled professional who, with your input, will tailor coaching to meet your needs. A well-trained, expert coach will have no agenda other than helping you achieve the goals, peace of mind, and life satisfaction that you seek. Not only will coaching look different for you than it may for another of my clients but your coaching may look different for you from session to session. It will vary depending on your needs and requests for our time together.

I am a co-active coach. Co-active coaching is a collaborative relationship between coach and client designed just for you. There is no hierarchy.

My coaching toolkit holds abundant options for us. I use questions, metaphors, movement, visualizations, intuition, listening, challenges and requests, and paper and pencil exercises, among others. Together, we learn what works for you to gain insights and discover your own answers. You will have homework between our sessions. These assignments are intended to further your learning so that you don't push a pause button between sessions. You decide if you want to commit to doing the request. If you should not follow-through on commitments you've made, we will coach on that to discover what got in the way. That can be full of learning for you. Periodically, we will check in with one another to decide if adjustments in our coaching are needed. Because we are collaborators, I depend on you to be honest and forthcoming about your experience and needs.

Why Coaching Works

Coaching provides a safe, expansive, confidential and unique context to express yourself freely and to find answers to your questions.

Coaching provides you with your own personal navigator who will guide you, brainstorm, provide feedback and support, and give you a push, compassionately, when you need it.

Coaching puts you into action. You will stay on track and be accountable. You will move forward. It's not all talk.

Coaching deepens your self-knowledge. You will come to know yourself more authentically and know what you stand for.

Coaching inspires and motivates. The spark that brought you to coaching will grow and propel you to achieve your aspirations.

Coaching works because you have a burning desire for a more meaningful, satisfying life. You hold the answers as to how to get there; the solutions and paths you decide upon are yours, no one else's. That ensures that the changes you make are sustainable.

Please contact me by email or give me a call at (314) 787-8171 to find out more about coaching! If not now, when?